Day 3 (Because I Skipped Day 2):

You Know You're Single When...

Don't worry guys, this single ladies party is still going strong. Girl power! (too much? yeah, I thought so)
Anyway! Today's topic is "You know you're single when..."
Lord have mercy, I could write forever about this....And I have enough Pinterest photos on the topic to keep you belly laughing into the wee hours of the morning!

So let me make a simple list for you...Then we'll discuss anecdotes :)

You know you're single when...
1. You're broke because you pay for all of your own meals. I mean seriously, I would be a rich woman if I wasn't buying myself food all the time!

2. Ring checks! LADIES! You hear me on this one, right? I can't be the only one. And let me just defend myself by saying that it is a simple method that I use so that I know if it's okay or not to be a bit flirty. Admit it. You do it too. ;)

3. You're favorite thing to do on a Friday night is sit at home and read novels such as "Redeeming Love" with a mug of tea and a snuggie. I really can't say that I mind this, though. My tea and fiction-love filled Friday nights have become somewhat of a highlight in the midst of my crazy weeks.

4. All of your friends are getting married! I can't lie and say that I'm not incredibly happy for all of them, because I absolutely am...But sometimes you wonder when that special someone will come along for you? Oh well, at least I have my amazing best friend Molli and my super cool, hilarious mom to keep me company until then :)

So I promised you guys an anecdote...

For those of you who don't know, one of my jobs is at Family Video. While I was working one Friday night, I was all but shoving my head into a bag of Cheetos when *ding!* the bell on the door went off and in walks one heck of a good looking gentleman. He browsed through the store for a bit and then came up to the counter (might I add that I had seen this gentleman in the store once before and we had made casual conversation as I was ringing up his purchases)...Anyway, back to the story...
As he walks up to the counter, I'm busy finishing off my bag of Cheetos. I look up to notice that I'm the only employee at the front and he is waiting for me to come ring him up. But *gasp* I was still chewing my giant mouthful of Cheetos! D=
I walked to the register and, with a mouthful of Cheetos and the dusty remains of the delicious snack all over my mouth, I rang him up.
Let me just run that one by you one more time...
I had Cheeto dust. On my face.
He handled the situation pretty well though, and chuckled at me a bit before he asked how I had been doing. We made small talk until his transaction was done, and then he smiled at me and left. I haven't seen him since.

So here's the lesson here ladies...Never eat Cheetos in public. At least not more than two at a time.

So, enough about me. How about you? Do you have any humorous or embarrassing "single-ladies" stories you would like to share? Let me know in the comments below!

In the mean time, I'll leave you with some photos to giggle at...

And this hilarious "single ladies" video...

On another note, if my future fella ever does this, I'll know he's the one...



Meghan Gorecki said...

Mallory--this was wonderful!!! Oh my word...*wipes tears of laughter* This is all TOO much fun!
Thanks for joining in again--& I'll make a mental note about CHeetos, because they are one of my downfalls. ;)

Mrs. Pedersen said...

Haha, the ring checks...too funny!! ;-)

Mallory Elisabeth said...

I'm glad you all liked my anecdote ;)
As embarrassing as it was, it did provide a good story :)

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