No Room For Shame

We've all felt it. The overwhelming tidal wave of shame that crashes down on us the second we give into the enemy's glamorized version of what we, as humans, have been fighting against since the beginning: Sin.

Though I wish I could say I didn't, I know this feeling all too well. Because of our human nature, not one of us is perfect. And I'm about as imperfect as they come.
Sometimes we find ourselves believing the lie that, after we mess up, we are required to suffer (alone) through an undetermined agonizing period of shame before we finally see ourselves once again fit to approach the throne of God. But where is the Grace in all of that? You know, the Grace that our entire faith in the Gospel is based on? We can't just avoid God because we are too ashamed to approach Him. We can't think to ourselves, "I need to get my life together before I can go back. I need to fix this, and then I will be worthy of His forgiveness. THEN I can come to Him with my head held high in pride because I changed."
If we wait until we are "good enough" to approach the throne of God, then we will be waiting in the darkness of ignorance until our hearts bleed.
Who do we think we are?! More importantly, who do we think God is? Have we simply put God in a display case surrounded by twinkling lights and glamorous adornments all but screaming "Look at what a wonderful person I am! Look how I have my life together because I 'put my faith' in God! Look at all of the good things I've done!"
Is God our trophy wife?
We need to stop.
We have to face the facts that we will never be worthy. We will never earn forgiveness. And we will absolutely never be alone.

There is no room for shame in the presence of Grace.
We have to let go of our pride and our sense of self-liberation, and allow God to do what He has been waiting to do since the thought of sin entered our minds.
God wants to give us grace.

- /giv/ -
v. To freely transfer the possession of something to someone.

let's review.
The definition of give is
"To *freely* transfer the possession of something to someone."

Grace isn't earned, it's given. Grace is a gift from the most loving father we could ever ask for.
"...While we were still sinners Christ died for us" Romans 5:8

The Love will never run out. No matter how bound you feel or how blinded you are by the darkness in your life.
To quote Judah Smith's sermon Jesus Is Loving Barabbas:
"God, I'm so ashamed."
Give Me your shame.
"But what if I do it again?"
I'll still be here.
"God, I don't want to hurt you. I love you. I don't want to do this anymore."
Give me your sins, beloved.
His Love is gentle and understanding. He will never grow weary of welcoming us with open arms of Mercy. He knew from the very beginning that we would fight it, but He patiently awaits the moment that we turn to Him and say "God, I'm broken and hurting. Please fix me. Please comfort me"
"Finally," He seems to say.

What a beautiful gift we have been given. Let's not waste it by trying to earn it.



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