Got (God) Questions? pt.2

"If God Is So Loving, Why

Does He Allow Evil & Suffering?"

Allow me to present an interesting new perspective on this question.
What do you propose God should do about the evil and suffering?
Stop it, of course.
But if God were to stop {destroy} all evil, wouldn't that also mean our demise? To end all evil, God would have to stop every act that causes suffering and grief. Which would mean He would have to put an end to all of our evil actions. No matter how "big" or "small" they may seem.
Haven't our actions hurt numerous people throughout the course of our lives?
We are wicked creatures by our very nature.
The harsh reality of it is that God has not destroyed evil because He would have to destroy us.
Whether or not we realize it, we are being shown incredible mercy.

The Bible speaks of a day when all evil and suffering will be put to and end (2 Peter 3:7-13), but until that day, we must use the suffering to glorify God.
I don't know about you, but I've never come closer to God than I have been at times of suffering and grief in my life. That's not to say that is the only time I have felt close to Him, but I certainly felt an extra comfort and personal intimacy throughout those times that have stuck with me. I can't imagine where I would be now if I hadn't endured those trials. I would have never grown to understand God and develop my relationship with Him the way that I have.
Friends, don't lose heart, God is using your pain for something far greater than you can imagine.

"God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world." -C.S. Lewis

*This blog post is based on readings from pgs. 27-28 in Charlie H. Campbell's "One Minute Answers To Skeptics"*


Dear Future Husband...

I don't think I know a single girl that has never drifted off into a daydream in which she meets the love of her life and is swept off of her feet in the love story of the century. I'm no exception.
I'm a hopelessly romantic person. But I like to think that I've come to understand the reality of love. There is no perfect person. Anywhere. Ever.
*But* that doesn't mean that there isn't someone out there who's strengths can carry your weaknesses perfectly.
I've abandoned my search for perfection and begun the wait for my heart's complement.
But in the meantime, I'm preparing myself.

You see, I want to be ready. I want to sweep my future honey off of his feet just as high and swiftly as he will sweep me off mine. I want my heart to find completeness in joy and love *before* it meets his heart.
I want...*Warning* Clichés Ahead!! *Warning*... be so completely wrapped up in love with my Savior, that my future fella will have to seek Him out to find me.
I told you it was cliché!
But it's true.
How can we ever love someone the way they were meant to be loved if we haven't even been supplied with that same love that we so desperately want to give?
"...Let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God." 1 John 4:7

So in order to remind myself to become the woman that I would want him (whoever "he" is) to love, I thought I would make a small list of promises. Promises to him, to myself, and to God to be a woman worthy of love. (And let me tell you, that is a tall order)

I promise to always center my heart and life around God.
I promise to be patient...With others and with myself.
I promise to pray with him every single morning and night.
I promise that this weak heart will find it's strength in Christ.
I promise to let love flow like a river.
I promise to be understanding and forgiving; just as my Savior is.
I promise to never stop joyfully serving others.
I promise to be strong in spirit.
I promise to fill every room with my awfully loud laughter.
I promise to be kind.
I promise I will fall short, but I know my God will break my fall and put me back on my feet.

I can't wait to one day experience the love of a husband, but for now and always, I will rest in the loving arms of my Savior.

"Love Song For A Savior" - Jars Of Clay


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