Got (God) Questions?

Hey, it's normal. We all have questions. I sometimes feel like I have more questions than most people do. But don't we all feel that way sometimes?
Lucky for all of us, I recently picked up a book entitled "One Minute Answers To Skeptics."
Author, Charlie H. Campbell with The Always Be Ready Apologetics Ministry addresses some of the toughest questions that we face as Christians in an increasingly Christ denying world.
As I thumbed through the pages of this book, I felt the need to share some of the valuable lessons with you; so I decided to create a blog series entitled "Got (God) Questions?" where I will summarize and expand upon some of the questions and answers provided in the book as well as include scriptural and personal references to back them up.
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Pt. 1 "What Evidence Do You Have That There Is A God?"

Pt. 2 "If God Is So Loving, Why Does He Allow Evil And Suffering?"


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