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V-Day Party Tag

As Valentine's Day has been rapidly approaching, I have been realizing more and more just how much of a bummer it can be to not have a Valentine *insert sympathetic "awws" here*.
BUT! Lucky for me, I've got a bunch of other single ladies like me over at Just As I Am who are throwing an "All The Single Ladies Valentine's Party" in these last few days leading up to V-Day!
(A special thanks to miss Sarah Elizabeth over at Oh Restless Bird for inviting me to join in on all the Un-Valentine's fun!)
Even though it stinks not having a sweet Valentine (I do love getting *dark* chocolate and flowers!), I'm feeling surprisingly fine about having me all to myself on Valentine's Day (I should give some credit to CharlotteONE for their talk on being single as part of the "His & Hers" series this past Tuesday).
So let's get this party started, shall we?!

And we're kicking it off with a tag!

1. White chocolate or milk/dark chocolate?

 Dark chocolate! I could *live* off of dark chocolate! Particularly Ferrero Rondnoir. My mouth is seriously watering as I type this.

2. Tea or Coffee?

Tea has always been my favorite. I drink coffee occasionally, but I can never say "no" to a good cup of tea. (P.S. Jasmine is my favorite!)

3. Movie or book on a night-in?

I would typically say movie, but I've been doing a lot of reading lately, and I'm thinking I would definitely prefer a good book.

4. Rom-com or a tear-jerker?

It all depends on my mood. Romantic comedies always make me feel good, but I can't say "no" to "P.S. I Love You" if I'm in the mood for a good cry (ladies, you understand).

5. Who is the first literary couple to come to your mind?

Angel and *sigh* Michael Hosea, of course!
(P.S. the photos above are who my mind pictures as Angel and MH)
[Brandi Burkhardt & Wes Brown]

6. Who is the first *movie* couple that comes to your mind?

Paige & Leo, "The Vow"

7. Roses or chocolate?

Um, chocolate roses OBVIOUSLY! ;)

8. Fancy dinner in a 4-star restaurant or a simple picnic?

I would have to agree with Meghan on this one, I would much prefer to stay in and cook....Or have someone else cook for me if they felt so inclined :)

9. Dream wedding scenario: outdoor family affair, or a formal church wedding & reception at a 5-star hotel?

Oh how I love outdoor weddings. I *dream* of a beautiful outdoor wedding, but the possibility of bad weather scares me :\

10. What was the last love song you listened to?

 "Anyhow" by Tyler Lyle. You *NEED* to listen to this song!
And because I can't not also mention this song, check out "The Girl" by City & Colour

11. Favorite real-life/celebrity couple?

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith. They are so cute; I mean, just look at them!

12. One piece of advice about love:

I'm probably not the best person to ask for advice about love. At least not love in the romantic sense. So, I am going to be completely un-original and copy Sarah Elizabeth's quote of choice...
"Love is friendship set on fire"
I can't say that I've experienced this yet, but I just can't wait until I do 



Sarah Elizabeth said...

That wedding photo is GORGEOUS! Squee! And I'd never heard of Tyler Lyle before, but that 'Anyhow' song is so sweet! Glad you decided to join the blog party!

Mallory Elisabeth said...

I know, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it! (It's pretty much a perfect example of my dream wedding)
I'm super excited about the V-Day blog party! Who knew blogging could be this much fun?! :)

Meghan Gorecki said...

=D I'm so glad to "meet" you via the ever-fabulous Sarah Elizabeth, & thank you SO much for coming "with her" to the blog party. Great to have you. ;)
Can you tell I *love* playing the hostess?
Anyway--can't wait to read more & get to know you on your beautiful blog.
Blessings, Mallory!

Mallory Elisabeth said...

Meghan, thank YOU for throwing the party!
I'm already thoroughly enjoying myself :)
I look forward to reading through the pages of your blog and getting to know you also!

nana said...

your such a sweetheart yourself!! love you

Victoria said...

the vow is such a lovely movie.

you can't go wrong with chocolate :)

Mallory Elisabeth said...

No you certainly cannot ;)

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